I am determined to keep my brain and body in as good shape as possible as I age. For this reason I am embarking at sixty seven upon a new career as a writer and am embracing the idea of blogging. I have been meaning to for at least five years and now have finally plucked up the courage to begin. WordPress seems a great place to start as it endeavors to make itself comprehensible even to the e-challenged such as myself. So this is my first attempt at writing a brief blog, in this case, all about me,me,me!
CJ and I bought a small rural property at the beginning of this year. It had been previously developed into a beautiful, imitation English decorative garden and we are in the process of trying to turn it into an edible landscape, with regard to the needs of birds as well as ourselves. The challenge is to preserve the beauty while making it more able to sustain us and allow us to encourage and learn from others trying to do the same thing. I hope others will join us on our journey through this blog.