Crash! Do you know how loud the crash is when a small bird hits your window at speed? I can tell you it sounds as though someone has put a shot through your window and it is a sound I so hate to hear. I feel painfully guilty that my window has caused distress or death to a beautiful little creature!

The other morning I heard just such a crash and dashed out to the ranch slider on our deck to find a colourful little bullfinch lying prone on the wooden decking. I blessed the cold breeze for the fact the window was shut as the cat had leapt at the chance of easy prey and was patrolling the inside of the door, tail slashing, all predator. As I watched, the little creature fluttered mightily and stood up on its two spindly legs, which promptly did the splits and the bird tumbled forward onto its already sore little head. This happened three times, each time the standing a little longer and the splits a little slower.

I couldn’t watch any longer and, after checking there was no access between bird and cat, went up to the garden to work off my feelings of remorse and guilt. Looking back at the deck from the garden about half an hour later, there was still a little body visible in front of the black sphinx silhouette in the window. However, to my absolute delight, when I returned to the scene a little later there was no bird to be seen and the cat had returned to her sunny spot on the bed to only dream of her chicken dinner. One little plop of bird poo was all that remained of the traumatic event and I have since seen the finch enthusiastically harvesting the cherry blossoms along with its mate, so I am in awe of the ways of nature yet again.

Needless to say, I quickly replaced the ribbon mobile I hang outside the ranch sliders to prevent such incidents and which I had removed in order to clean the window previous to the bird’s accident. When next I venture to town I shall purchase a couple more as well because in the breeding season more than at any other time, the birds seem less able to discern the glass, probably because they are so distracted gathering enough food for their babies or escaping the amorous advances of mates!